In all the readings listed we seek to discover how you best harmonize with the cosmos for your greatest emotional, physical, and mental health; whatever this looks like for you individually.  

Readings can be via Zoom, Skype, or phone anywhere in the world or in person in Los Angeles. Readings are 75 minutes.

Birth Chart

The natal chart, often referred to as your blueprint is our starting point. This chart is a snapshot of the skies at the time you entered the world. This serves as our portal into the many layers of you.  

If you are familiar with your birth chart and want to explore further we can combine it with one from the list below.  

Solar Return

An annual chart that describes the highlighted themes and areas of focus for the next year.  This chart is fun to do around your birthday so that you can work with and create ritual for your planetary ruler and other prominent aspects of the year. In short, this chart gives a sense of the tone for the year to come. 

Transits & Progressions

The transit chart is a look at the current planetary aspects in relation to your birth chart to show what is being activated. Your progressed chart reflects a day-for-a-year technique that speaks to cycles we go through and experience on an inner level, coloring how we experience what may be occurring.  In this reading we look at both of these to get a sense of the season you are in.

Health & Wellness

This reading provides a description of your general constitution and current influences to determine what may be challenging you and what can support you. This may include foods, essential oils, lifestyle changes, spiritual practices and more.

Medical astrology has been utilized since the Renaissance era when it was a standard part of doctors training, and is being practiced more widely again we seek to harmonize with the natural world as part of our wellness routines.  

The nervous system, digestion, emotions, past traumas, and environment all influence each other and therefore how we feel and function. Our charts allow us see these subtleties, therefore providing us more tools to help ourselves.