Hi, Iā€™m Nicole.

My dream is to help you live your deepest, most healed, on path life. I was introduced to astrology and psychology in my early 20ā€™s and have been devoted ever since. I still recall how validated I felt when the astrologer I saw (and my subsequent first teacher!) described deep truths about me and my circumstances. Most importantly she spoke of potentials that I had yet to awaken but sensed within. I was hooked! I have worked as a psychotherapist for over ten years and am devoted to inner work. I have been blessed to work with many mentors and teachers over the years in fields of study all devoted to learning more ways to help myself and others to heal and thrive. See details here.

In my wanderings, I have done deep work. Throughout many chapters including art school, traveling, too many jobs to count and becoming a therapist the inner journey has always been fore fronted. I have grown as a result of the relationships and experiences in my life. Connections with others have been most meaningful, including all the joys and challenges they bring. I have suffered loss and illness, yet I cherish and participate fully in life, remaining open to joy, hope, and the unexpected. I see how beautiful moments and challenging times are frequently intertwined. In my life, accepting this brings a deep sense of peace and gratitude. Most importantly, I remain curious and will be on this quest for deeper understanding as long as I am here.

For more info on my psychotherapy practice please see nicolequaidtherapy.com.